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Like many grandads, Kevan Adams has a grandson who loves his grandad’s model railway, but in June 2016 when Jordan was diagnosed& with ATRT (atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumour), an extremely rare type of brain tumour that mainly affects children under age three, Kevan left his model railway to concentrate on creating a new one to raise awareness of childhood cancers, and raise money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital as well as Jordan’s bucket list.

It is hoped that the OO gauge 20ftx8ft layout will be finished by the summer of 2018 in order for it to attend a couple of exhibitions, including the big one, Warley, at the end of the year.
“We started with donations of equipment, funds and bits and pieces,” says Kevan, “but with exhibitions booked for the layout this year the end is now in sight and a final push is needed to bring the project to its conclusion.”

They are also lucky in that the council has allowed the project to be built in an old school room, which is great for the modellers as they can all come together in one location and have everything they need to get on readily to hand, including supplies of paint.

“To finish the project we are desperately in need of DCC eightpin harnesses to convert the older locomotives to DCC, also 21-pin and eight-pin DCC chips. We probably need some extra track so we have some spare in case anything happens. We really need the funds to insure the model railway so we can take it out to exhibitions, to cover it in case it gets damaged or stolen. There’s still a lot of the scenery to finish off so we need bits and pieces for that. We also need airbrush paints. We need all sorts of little things, but they add up to quite a bit money,” says Kevan.

Unlike many layouts it hasn’t been given a whimsical moniker, it has retained its early working title of the Jordan Reid Model Railway Project, as that is what most effectively describes why the layout is being built. “The project has been a lot harder than I thought it was going to be,” says Kevan. “It’s not just the building of the railway, it’s the man management and you don’t realise how much time you are spending on it, but it’s more than just a job! “I’ve been really surprised by people’s generosity and the volunteers. It’s been amazing what people have done when they realise that the whole cause is about something other than modelling.It’s about a little boy and what we are trying to do for him and other children like him. That makes a big difference as everyone working on the layout is motivated on the same thing. ”

About The Project

Featured in The Star: “We want to pack Jordan’s life with lots of love and joy”

“The thing we desperately want now is to help fund more research into cancers like Jordan’s – something we just don’t think there’s enough of – and that’s where the railway project comes in.” The railway project is a of Kevan’s master plan, and is born from his desire to give something back to the hospital that does so much for his tiny grandson – and all the other children like him.

“I’m a member of Sheffield Model Railway Society and I got to thinking about how I could use this interest to create something that could help Jordan, and the hospital.”

Kevan plans to tour around major UK model railway exhibitions and events when the model is finished, with donations being split between Jordan and the hospital. “Thousands of people go to these exhibitions and if we can take our collection buckets and raise thousands of pounds for the hospital that would be fantastic,” Kevan says. “Further down the line, we might even auction it off and donate the proceeds to the hospital.

We’re also hoping it could raise enough to fund a trip for Jordan to EuroDisney. “I’m basing the model on a modern version of Brendam Docks and Knapford Station, from Thomas the Tank Engine, so Jordan will love it – he’s a huge Thomas the Tank Engine fan – and it should look spectacular when it’s done. “There will be two tracks, trains, boats in the docks, bridges and lighting so it will look like a working town at night. “I’ve reached out to a number of companies so far and I’ve received a lot of donations already.

Again, people have been very generous. I have bits and pieces all over the house, but what we really need now is a space to actually assemble it, and – as it’s a big project – I’m hoping to find a number of volunteers to help me pull it all together. “I still also needs lots of donations – Thomas the Tank Engines, and plenty of scenic materials.”

Update about The Project

The Jordan Reid Model Reid model Railway project, has been confirmed as being an entrant at the Warley show in November 2018. There are a few things still lacking from this 20-foot-long by 12-foot-wide project. The first half of Jordan’s project, is a scale 1:76 replica of Sheffield Midland Mainline Station the first five platforms. We have successfully managed to involve some 3D rendering companies to come in and help us with the frontage and internal structure of the station. From what I have seen of the print out of the render it will certainly turn a few heads.
The second half is a modernised container and freight yard, as we don’t have a panama crane we are going to use two large mobile cranes. These two cranes will be show stoppers in most ways because of their size. The second section will be a warehousing and hopefully an old harbour area, with some boats like a Clyde puffer and fishing boats.


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